The Whole Meaning of IT

Came here to see some philosophical meaning of Information Technologies? Well, you can calmly pass by then because it’s not the case. I just wanted to announce the purpose of this blog.. Or maybe you want to guess, my dear reader? Well, I can’t forbid it. But I can’t leave other readers at a loss of this purpose as well, so I’ll better say it. The whole purpose of this blog is for me to learn the English in some higher level!

OK, I’ve done it now, and there is no way back any more. So, what am I waiting from you, dear well-knowing-English-language reader? Firstly, it would be the patience to read all my posts and not to get angry about my mistakes. And secondly, I would appreciate all your constructive criticism about the language – everything you can imagine, starting with misusing words and sayings and ending with some grammar (including commas, of course) and style mistakes.

Thank you in advance! Looking forward to see you soon reading my very exciting stories 😉

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In Threat of Blindness

Yes, that’s right – I’m in threat of blindness for the second day already! The thing is.. my sunglasses broke.. Now I am like armless – I can’t go out in day time, can’t look through the window too hard and so on. Luckily, the day is quite short at this time of year, so it’s dark enough in mornings when I go to work and it’s completely dark in evenings when I return home. There is still a problem with my lunch because there are no possibilities to eat at my work place.. It’s really awfully to go those ~200 meters to the university.. However, I took glasses to the repairs this morning and there is a hope they will be foul by tomorrow afternoon. I’m really looking forward to that moment!

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Testing Dictionary Speech Configuration

OK then! I’m really in at last! Let’s see what can be done here… maximal outcome with minimal efforts is what I seek. Seems nice so far… OK, see you later!

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