Raw – Boiled – Baked Wienies

I decided to have a supper late at the evening yesterday. My decision was very strong, so I went right to my refrigerator to get wienies. So far – so good. The problem appeared when I realized those wienies are raw.. I don’t like raw meat, so I started to think of a possible solution, being more precise – to improvise. So I boiled my wienies at first for some 10 minutes. Then I changed dished and continued to bake them on a pan. I can’t remember anymore for how long were they baking, but after some time I decided they’re ready to be eaten. So I ate them. I have to admit they were.. really disgusting.. 😀 I guess I am not a very good cook 😉 But I acted like a man and ate them all bravely!

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Seven Years Gone

That’s it! Seven years have already passed by since the 28th of November, 2000. What’s so special about that date, you might ask, my dear reader. Well, that was the day I passed the theoretical and practical exam and got my driving licence..

Much has happened since then, the main things I remember would be the following:

  1. I have bought 2 cars, one of which is also sold;
  2. I have driven.. well, I don’t know.. could be around 35000 km or so;
  3. I had collected 9 penalty points for speeding 😀 Only two of them are left at the moment, yet till the 23th of December;
  4. I have paid some ~150 LVL for speeding and illegal parking;
  5. I have bought a radar detector, as well as given it away to the police;
  6. I have triggered no accidents!

Ehz, Auld Lang Syne.. 😉

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Thinking the True

A colleague of mine just asked me about those national flags still hanging in trees outside – why are they still there? The celebration is past for some time now. And if they are left in that street, why are they not left in front of out workplace? I asked, if there had been any flags at all in front of us, and he said the crucial saying:I think so!

..So, you understand, my dear reader, I was left with no choice – I had to ask him the next question:So, do you think they were there, or were they actually there?

I don’t remember what the answer was, but it doesn’t matter now. I started to figure out, how on can actually answer such a question of mine. Let’s assume one is sure he knows the fact flags were there. Although his belief is very strong, it’s a subjective assumption anyway, so he has to make the answer this way: `I think I know`, which is actually closer to the answer `I think they were there` than to the answer `They actually were there`. He maybe knows it, but his words are just what he thinks, so how to say it correctly? It seems to be impossible.

OK, forget about it, I just can’t explain the phenomenon! 😉

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Discount or Surcharge?

It’s really irritating how people use negative integers (or real numbers) in place and out of place. I feel they don’t even know the difference between, let’s say 10% and -10% of the value of some product. It can be very amusing – when it needs to be told how warm or cold is it outside, nobody thinks – 10 degrees are the same as just 10 degrees 😉 However, when it comes to prices and discounts of prices, everyone goes mad:

Q: How much is that TV set?

A: It’s usually, $ 200.00, but now it has a discount of -10%..

So if it has a discount, it means you have to subtract the amount of the discount from the original value to get the new value, right? So, 200-(-10% of 200) = 200-(-0.1*200) = 200-(-20) = 200+20 = 220. Hip, hip, hurray, the new price after applying the discount is $ 220.00! J And what’s even funnier, it’s not just about the average person inhabiting the world of ours, it’s even more about all the companies and enterprises putting those “Sale! All the merchandise’s having a discount of -20%” labels in their windows. Could somebody, please, teach them a bit of math? You can say either of the following, but, please, don’t mix them together:

  1. all the merchandise has a discount of 20%;
  2. the new value of all the merchandise is -20%

P.S. This is my 17th post in this blog, so let’s remember that thought about 17 being an evil number! 😉

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Who Is Starting to Appear to the World?

Since the time I registered at WordPress, I am waiting for some search engines to find some of my posts by some regular end-user. There was nothing for some time, but now my efforts are crowned with success at last! Two records are seen in my stats – one for yesterday and one for the day before yesterday. What’s interesting, both are linked to the same post of mine – the one about those toilet triangles 😉 So, you might ask, my dear reader – how can I find those toilet triangles in you WebLog, oh mighty master? It turns out you have to go to some search engine and type in something like that thus getting my page as a second result (at least, that’s true for this moment):

1) count the triangles 23 

2) 6 pens make 4 triangles

And one more thing – the third page in Magic demonstration

I must say, quite an interesting observation.. 😀

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The Act of Terrorism I Experienced

My car broke down, so I was going home by bus yesterday. While sitting and enjoying the way, I started to think about the last time I was forced to use some kind of public transport – I came out to remember March.. So, thinking some thoughts to myself, I was suddenly turned to be one of the victims of an act of a terrorism.. Some caustic gas was emitted by somebody right into the salon of the bus I was in. Everybody around me started to cough at once, it became hard to breathe, I opened the window, but it was still just one thought for everyone – to get out of the bus as fast as possible. However, all windows were opened soon and the gas was blown away. Some people still got out of the bus at the next stop before reaching their destination. So was my experience with a bus after eight months of car driving..

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How Stupid People Can Be?

This is just incredible! People from Verizon company can’t see any difference between 0.002 dollars and 0.002 cents 😀 It’s really unbelievable, it’s certainly worth to listen to the whole audio file.

 Is there any difference between 2 dollars and 2 cents? Yes

 Is there any difference between half a dollar and half a cent? Yes

 Is there any difference between 0.002 dollars and 0.002 cents? No, it’s the same!

Is the rate 0.002 cents or 0.002 dollars per KB? They’re cents! What is the 0.002 dollars? There’s no such thing! How could 0.002 dollars look like? It’s not even a whole cent! 😀

Well, nothing to say – really awfully!

P.S. Btw, now it is possible to by a T-shirt with a label `They’re both the same if you look at them on paper wise` on it (this was what the guy said to that client on phone) 😉

 P.P.S. This source says Verizon now tries to stop sale of those T-Shirts, so there is a new idea about a new T-Shirt – about Verizon trying to stop the T-Shirt! 😀

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An Unexplained Phenomenon

1. A mistique 

2. Two dots at the end of the sentence??

3. Hello, World

Please, give your explanations in comments!

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Turning a Sphere Inside Out

It’s really incredible, how it is possible to explain the most complicated things (like this) in a very understandable way nowadays..

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Nice Magic Demonstration

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