An Unexplained Phenomenon

1. A mistique 

2. Two dots at the end of the sentence??

3. Hello, World

Please, give your explanations in comments!

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  1. 1. See my blog ( Doesn’t happen on my computer.
    2. You don’t have anything executable with name ‘aaa’, is that a crime?

  2. 😀
    Well, the screenshot seen in your blog is the usual response, but try to make such a screenshot as mine 😉

    No, it’s not a crime, but try to explain why there are two dots at the end of the second sentence..

  3. I have no idea how rigged your computer is.

  4. I could make it on your computer as well..

  5. The first one easy – just make a file “MyDir” without an extension.
    The third one – source of the batch file is “aaa”.

    The second – no ideas. Maybe a batch file that prints out all teh lines?

  6. To gravis:
    1) But how can that be that I first make a directory `myDir` (command `md myDir), and then it fails when trying to go to that directory?
    2) The second – maybe you’re right 😉
    3) The third one – I didn’t get the idea you had..

  7. In the first one you switched the input language just for one letter (maybe you used Cyrillic М). 🙂

  8. To thirdrootofunity:
    It’s an option, but this is not the case 😉 Besides, I’m not sure if it is possible to use Cyrilics in cmd mode (I get `?`s when trying to type Cyrilics..)

  9. in the Russian version of Windows (which I am using) you can input Cyrillic characters on the console. I could reproduce the effect in this way 😉

  10. OK, it’s a good solution! Can you solve this in some other way too?

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