The Act of Terrorism I Experienced

My car broke down, so I was going home by bus yesterday. While sitting and enjoying the way, I started to think about the last time I was forced to use some kind of public transport – I came out to remember March.. So, thinking some thoughts to myself, I was suddenly turned to be one of the victims of an act of a terrorism.. Some caustic gas was emitted by somebody right into the salon of the bus I was in. Everybody around me started to cough at once, it became hard to breathe, I opened the window, but it was still just one thought for everyone – to get out of the bus as fast as possible. However, all windows were opened soon and the gas was blown away. Some people still got out of the bus at the next stop before reaching their destination. So was my experience with a bus after eight months of car driving..

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  1. Are you sure it was an act of terrorism or just some prank or bus broke down? I don’t know any terrorist cells who would like to gas people here, you are surely overacting 😛

  2. No, I’m not sure, I’m just wondering.. 😉

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