Seven Years Gone

That’s it! Seven years have already passed by since the 28th of November, 2000. What’s so special about that date, you might ask, my dear reader. Well, that was the day I passed the theoretical and practical exam and got my driving licence..

Much has happened since then, the main things I remember would be the following:

  1. I have bought 2 cars, one of which is also sold;
  2. I have driven.. well, I don’t know.. could be around 35000 km or so;
  3. I had collected 9 penalty points for speeding 😀 Only two of them are left at the moment, yet till the 23th of December;
  4. I have paid some ~150 LVL for speeding and illegal parking;
  5. I have bought a radar detector, as well as given it away to the police;
  6. I have triggered no accidents!

Ehz, Auld Lang Syne.. 😉

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